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Mariann has a really good eye for catching the right emotion on the photos, she is a sincere and genuine person!

Artist on looms

Tiia can weave stunning patterns on looms, which you just keep admiring and desire to have😊.
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Craftsmen, fitters and skilled sewers, who ensure the high sewing quality of the products!
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M.I.L.Owas born to honor and remember my beloved labrador Milo for his unwavering dedication, affection and unconditional love! Working with M.I.L.O series has been like a therapy for me, helping to ease hard times in my soul and heart. I was looking for this MY THING worthy of Milo! And I finally found it! I have always loved rag rugs and having bought one rug home again, an idea struck me! That is how I placed the rugs into the nests. I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to stand out, I wanted quality, I wanted character – I found it and made it happen! My desire is to offer love, warmth, care, comfort and beauty to our four-legged friends. I know dogs can appreciate it, I would believe so do their owners!😊