AquaClean fabric is a furniture fabric from which you can easily and quickly remove stains with just water, extremely wear and fade resistant. Dirt does not get into the fibers of the fabric and stains are easily removable with water. The special processing repels bacteria, dust mites and fungal spores and prevents them from multiplying in the fabric. The antibacterial properties are maintained even when the fabric is machine-washed. The processing of fabric is ecological and harmless.

Easy Care:

AquaClean technology makes it easy to clean almost all kind of stains, such as wine, coffee, food and felt pen stains, with just water! No need to use soap or detergents.

  • Pour water from the bottle directly onto the fabric or use a damp cloth.

  • Press on the stain and rub gently in a circular motion. If the stain does not remove completely, repeat the process as long as necessary.
  • Remove any loose dirt from the fabric

Washing Instructions:

No washing is usually required. However, if you wish, follow these steps:

Can be machine-washed using gentle wash program (max. 30 C)

  • Do not soak

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Do not dry in the sun

  • Do not wring or twist

  • Do not iron

  • Dry Cleaning can be used

  • After washing, the covers should be stretched and the contents gently placed inside the damp product to dry them in their proper shape. Otherwise, they may shrink and no longer fit.

    The rules for taking care of dirt and water-repellent fabrics are generally the same as Aquaclean fabric care. If necessary, you can wash in up to 30 degrees, do not tumble dry, shake and stretch the fabric straight, touch up with a low heat iron, if necessary. In general, washing is not needed, clean with a damp cloth or a steamer. CONVENIENT CARE!

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